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Vision Enhancer (VE)

The Vision Enhancer (VE) is a hardware device to perform dehazing in real-time. The VE can be utilized in advanced driver assistance system, railways and visual surveillance. This device will be used to assist drivers, Loco-pilots, and security agencies. The block diagram of VE is shown in Fig.1.

Some Output Videos

Hazy video of car

Hazy Video of Rail

Dehazed video of car

Dehazed Video of rail

Salient Features of VE

  1. The VE will be capable to improve visibility in the output haze-free video.

  2. Processing speed of VE will be fast enough to process input video in real time.

  3. Visual quality of haze-free video will be improved using control C, provided in VE. This control will improve visual quality obtained by VE at the cost of processing speed. Thus, user can utilize the control to maintain trade-off between visual quality and processing speed.

  4. The VE will measure amount of haze present in atmosphere. Therefore, VE will signal level of atmospheric severity.

  5. Crowd sourcing and social computing techniques can be integrated with VE to ensure safe and pleasant journey.

  6. Integration of object detection technology with VE will be an added feature.

  7. The VE will act as movable surveillance.

1. A limited version of VE (called DDP) has been designed and developed at ABV-Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Gwalior (ABV-IIITM). 
2. The DDP has won Atal-New-India Challenge 2019 under Atal Innovation Mission launched by Government of India. 

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