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Active Research Work

Single Image Dehazing

The images captured in poor weather degrade due to atmospheric scattering, resulting in poor performance of outdoor vision based systems such as surveillance, object detection, object tracking, etc. The dehazing is a process to obtain a haze-free image from a single hazy image.

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Paras Garg

UG Student

Under-water Image Enhancement

The images captured inside the water degrade due to scattering, and absorption of light by water particles. This reduces visibility inside the water. Hence, the exploration of sea is difficult. The aim of under-water image enhancement is to improve visibility of the images captured inside the sea world.


Gunjan Vrma

Ph.D. Candidate


Single Image Super-Resolution

The images captured with poor quality of camera or from the long distance, blurred due to low resolution. The super-resolution process increases the resolution of the images by interpolation. The super-resolution takes a low resolution  image as input and produces respective high resolution image as output.

[OUTCOME: A paper titled "Structure Preserving Loss Function for Single Image Superresolution" has accepted for publication in the Journal of Displays (IF:3.074, SCI Indexed, Elsevier). ]


Naman Tuli

UG Student


Image Captioning

The image captioning is a process to describe an image through texts. This process takes an image as input and returns the description of the images by a set of words. Image Captioning is an important area of research for automatic description of a scene. 


Shreya Garg & Team

UG Student


Face Unmasking

The peoples wear mask under poor atmospheric conditions and in health issues. Hence, the vision systems based on face data perform poorly. This necessitates automatic unmasking of the face. The unmasking takes a masked face image as input and produces unmasked face image as output. [In collaboration with Research and Development Wing of Samsung, India]



UG Student

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